Karang Nini Beach, the Beauty of the Sea with a Heartwarming Legend of Love

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Karang Nini Beach, the Beauty of the Sea with a Heartwarming Legend of Love
Karang Nini Beach/pint

Pangandaran seems endless in presenting the beauty of its famous beaches, from Batu Karas Beach, Mandasari Beach to Karapyak Beach and others, there is one more interesting beach.

Namely Nini Coral Beach, from the name alone when we heard it had led to grandparents, PostPangandaran friends, Nini Coral Beach is indeed more unique than the others because there is a reef in the shape of a Nini/grandmother.

Folk Legend

And this is a legend that developed there, a long time ago a husband and wife who were already harmonious and loyal grandparents, named Ki Arga Plara and Ni Ambu Kolot.

Ki Arga is a fisherman who goes fishing every day, and ni ambu always waits for her husband to come home on the beach, one day Ki Arga doesn't come home and Ni Arga is worried and worried, sure enough KI Arga doesn't come back making Ni Ambu cry and grieve .

He walked around the beach and prayed to be reunited with Grandpa, as God granted Ni Arga to find a rock shaped like Ki Arga and he also prayed to always stay near Grandpa until finally Ni Ambu also turned into stone.

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Cikabuyutan tomb and well seven

Not only that, besides the stunning scenery with photo spots that require you to bring a camera when visiting this place, on Karang Nini beach there is also the Cikabuyutan tomb and the seven wells which are believed by local residents to heal and make you stay young.

Another beauty of Karang Nini

In addition, on this beach there are other buildings such as several unique caves such as Goa, Panjang, Goa short, Goa dempet and Goa Parat, some of which are still considered sacred.

Location of Nini Coral Beach

The location of this beach is in Emplak Village, Kalipucang District, Pangandaran Regency, West Java Province.

To be able to enter the beach area, you will only be charged a retribution fee of Rp. 7,500, -. How do you plan to go to Karang Nini beach?/Reg.

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