Timang Beach, Anti Mainstrem Vacation in Gunung Kidul Jogja

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Timang Beach, Anti Mainstrem Vacation in Gunung Kidul Jogja
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Lately, there is a lot of discussion about tourist objects in Yogyakarta. Its name, is Timang Beach. Where, this place has a charm and view that is different from other places. Visiting here is an obligation.

Moreover, this area was once used as a shooting for the Korean variety show Running Man. Where, this event is already quite famous in his country. It is also quite proud for Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta, to get an opportunity like this. Moreover, the name Timang Beach is not so widespread in the ears of tourists.

If you look deeper, it's not wrong if Running Man chose this location. Because, the place is indeed used for those of you who dare to spur adrenaline. Uniquely, this vehicle is in the spotlight and is used as an icon and attraction of this tourist attraction.

In terms of cleanliness, this place is a winner. What's more, the sea water that always presents a beautiful melodic roar is very clear with a greenish color. This area is indeed able to hypnotize anyone who plans to visit this place.

The price of admission to Timang beach is quite affordable, only 10 thousand rupiah. You can already enjoy all the charms that are presented here.

In addition, we also have to pay a parking fee of 5 thousand rupiah for those who bring a car. And, 2 thousand rupiah for those who bring a motor vehicle.

Timang Beach understands exactly what you need. Therefore, here have provided a variety of interesting facilities.

such as food stalls, bathrooms, and prayer rooms. Not only that, there are still things that you must enjoy when visiting this place.

  1. Suspension Bridge

When we set foot here, we will see a rock that is quite sturdy on the other side of the sea. If you want to go there, the manager has prepared a suspension bridge,

Where, this bridge is only made of rope and the base is only wood. Although it seems simple, the level of security is also not simple. So, it is guaranteed to be safe and controlled.

Feel the gusts of wind and the sound of waves that are quite strong when you arrive in the middle. It is recommended not to look down because the fierce sea water can make your legs tremble violently and your whole body feels stiff.

If you manage to conquer this bridge. definitely a sense of satisfaction and want to try again will stop in your heart. So, don't be afraid to try it. To enjoy it we have to spend quite a lot of 100 thousand rupiah.

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  1. Coral Hill

The view of the rocks on the Timang beach tour is indeed very interesting to enjoy. Usually, many tourists use it to take photos with friends and relatives.

So, it's a big mistake if you don't bring a camera with qualified quality.

  1. Lobster Hunt

Before it became like this, Timang Beach was a fishing area for lobster hunters. The reef on the other side is where the fish hide. It is said that this one animal is large and has a fairly high selling value.

In terms of taste, it is quite delicious and appetizing. Because, the condition of the sea water is scary with high waves and it never stops, a traditional gondola facility was built to make it easier for fishermen to cross and bring their catch.

We can also you know to join in looking for it together with the fishermen here. However, you have to be careful, because the terrain is quite difficult and a bit slippery.

  1. Traditional Gondola

This is the positive side of social media. Where, this gondola can be famous and its name reached the country of Korean Ginseng thanks to photos uploaded to various social media. If you pay attention to detail.

You can see where, this ride is only made of ordinary wood. Then, it is moved not using a machine but using hands. Everything is still very simple.

Anyone heading to the other side on this ride is sure to scream all the way through. Understandably the height reaches 9 to 11 meters. For those who have tried it, the distance between these two corals seems very far. So, their hearts are really racing perfectly.

A little to make us feel safe is the use of a rope that turns out to use a rope. Therefore, do not be afraid because even though it is traditional, the security level is still number one.

If you want to enjoy the sensation, then you will be charged 200 thousand rupiah for round trip. The price is quite expensive indeed. However, it can be reasonable because the maintenance costs are also not small. Moreover, regarding the safety of visitors who try this vehicle.

If you just want to take photos here for fear. You will be charged only 50 thousand rupiah.

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  1. Various kinds of seafood

As stated above, here is famous for marine animals such as shrimp and lobster. So, it's a big loss if you don't eat the two fish. Where, we will be presented with various kinds of perfect preparations. The tongue will sway incessantly.

It's true, where the taste of this lobster is indeed the champion. Not inferior to those in other big restaurants. The processing method is very precise. So, producing a taste that is different from others,

The price offered is also quite attractive where, you can choose a lobster package for 350 thousand. You will get 1 kg of lobster plus rice, chili sauce, drink, peanut brittle. Guaranteed, satisfied and will definitely be addicted.

Usually the price of food at the Timang beach tourist location will change at any time depending on how the fishermen look for this one animal. in certain months the figure can reach 500 thousand rupiah, you know.

Timang Beach is an area that really attracts attention with its extreme tourism. However, bad news emerged because the price of the gondola was quite expensive.

However, visiting this place is an interesting experience that cannot be measured by anything. Let's visit this Anti Mainstrem Beach./Reg.

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