Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, the Warehouse of Artwork Locations and Entrance Tickets!

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Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, the Warehouse of Artwork Locations and Entrance Tickets!
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Art is a human work that applies human creativity and imagination into visual forms to produce valuable works. If you are a person who likes art, Semarang is the right choice for you to visit. Because Semarang has a tourist spot that presents beautiful works of art, namely the Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery.

Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery was founded in 2007 by an art collector named Chris Darmawan. In 1937, this place was only an insurance company called De Indische Lloyd owned by Oei Tiong Ham Concern.

Not only as an insurance company, but this place has also been used as a factory, priest's house, warehouse and place of worship. But over time, this place was changed to Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery which has a myriad of art.

Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery is one of the art museums in Semarang which is very popular among tourists, especially for art lovers. Tourists who come to this place will be greeted by several security officers who will explain some information related to the rules in Galsem. One of the rules that cannot be done while in Galsem is eating and drinking and not touching various types of art.

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This tourist spot is a place that has Instagramable photo spots. Tourists who come to this place will not feel bored because each work of art has its own uniqueness.

This tourist spot is located on Jl. Srigunting Park No. 5-6 Tj. Mas, District. North Semarang, Semarang City, Central Java. Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery or better known as Semarang gallery is easy to find because of its location close to the Simpang Lima area of ​​Semarang.

The route that must be taken to arrive at this place is that tourists must pass through Jl. Major General D.I Panjaitan and Jl. MT. Haryono. The location of this tourist spot is near the Blenduk Church and tourists only need to walk about a few meters.

The costs incurred to enter this tourist spot are very affordable, including:

  1. Entrance ticket Rp. 10,000/ Person
  2. Motorcycle parking Rp. 3,000
  3. Car parking Rp. 5,000

The facilities in this place are also very complete, including:

- Parking area

- Toilet

- Park bench

- Instagenic photo spots/Reg.

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