The Big Culture Museum in Indonesia

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The Big Culture Museum in Indonesia
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If Post friends are in Batam and want a fun educational tour, there's nothing wrong with visiting the Ganesya Museum. This museum has various collections such as statues, terracotta, jugs, kris statues and also various types of bricks. Several miniature temples are also here.

The historical heritage is neatly arranged and combined with several properties, so it does not saturate visitors. There are many national heirloom artifacts, kris, beads, statues, plaques, to royal inscriptions in ancient times. One of the visitors to the Ganesha museum, Sita Nensia, said that the existence of the Ganesha museum is very important, especially for students, millennials or the public to know more about the culture of the archipelago.

In addition, the Ganesya Museum also presents the exotic ethnographic expression of Indonesian culture related to traditional performing arts, especially the culture of masks, puppets and repertoire of banners with various shapes and characters from traditional to modern.

The masks and puppets displayed include banner masks, majapahit masks, wayang kulit, wayang krucil, wayang klitik, wayang beber, wayang gedog, wayang golek (thengul, kukuan, cepak).

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Collections about the spread of Islam in Java using wayang media are also available at the Ganesya Museum, such as the Wali Songo puppet show, Menak Mask, and Admiral Cheng Ho's wayang potehi.

Rows of Ganesha museum collections are divided into two places. On the first floor, visitors will be introduced to the traces of the start of civilization in Java to the peak of Majapahit glory. In this place, there are also properties of figures of the President of the Republic of Indonesia from Soekarno to President Joko Widodo which are neatly arranged in glass cabinets.

The floor above or on the third floor of the Hawaii Water Park is filled with a collection of various masks, as well as puppets by artists from Malang Raya and throughout the archipelago. There are at least 1,000 types of masks which of course can add to education, in addition to beautiful spots for selfies. No less interesting and will never be found anywhere, is the sheen of jewelry in the Majapahit era. The material is still original, namely gold. These items are actually private collections that want to be introduced to the public as knowledge for the younger generation. (kk)

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