5 Uniqueness About Malang City that You Don't Know

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5 Uniqueness About Malang City that You Don't Know
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Hearing the city of Malang is certainly no stranger to hearing, not only by the original residents but by residents outside the island of Java, because the city of Malang has several tours such as beaches and mountains.

The city, which is located in a mountainous area, not only offers its natural beauty, but also various other interesting facts.

The city of Malang is also known as Switzerland Van Jazz. Why is it called that, because the city of Malang has charm and cool air like in Europe?

This time DEPOSTBATAM will share the uniqueness of Malang City that you don't know yet.

Here are 5 uniqueness about the city of Malang, namely:

1. Nicknamed Switzerland Van Java

Switzerland Van Java is the nickname of the poor city, why is it called Switzerland Van Java? This is because the climate or weather conditions in the city of Malang are known to be cool and have beautiful panoramas.

The location is in a highland area, and adjacent to the mountains.

2. The City of Millions of History

The city of Malang is not only famous for its weather but also has a series of historical stories. Malang has a history starting from ancient times, the city which was founded during the Dutch era has passed various important events.

Since the Hindu-Buddhist period, several kingdoms stood in this city such as the Kanjuruhan Kingdom and the Singosari Kingdom, some of their relics are still standing today.

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3. Education City

Besides Yogyakarta, Malang is also known as the city of education. Many well-known schools and universities in Indonesia are in the city of Malang. It is recorded that more than 40 universities are located in Malang, including Brawijaya University, Malang State University, Maliki UIN, and many more.

4. Culinary Lovers Heaven

Not only are the cities of Bandung and Yogyakarta which are famous as culinary paradises in Indonesia, but the city of Malang is also a culinary paradise.
Lots of delicious culinary in the city of Malang at very affordable prices will spoil your tongue while in the city of Malang.

In addition to the very affordable price, the food is known to be very tasty, such as poor meatballs, ronde titoti, ote-ore, cwi mie, rawon, Tempe mendeol to sempol that you must try.

5. Apple City

No wonder the city of Malang is given the nickname as the city of apples because apple agricultural products in the city of Malang are so abundant that they are exported abroad and are used as the main souvenirs of the city of Malang.

The following are 5 unique things about the city of Malang, so… are you interested in going there?? Schedule with your family and stick to the health protocol guys!! (Zn)

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