Dolls and Little Children

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Dolls and Little Children
The Children/pint

Hi! I'm going to tell you a little bit of my story about the 'those' you don't see. Let's get acquainted first. I am a child born in a family that mostly can feel and interact with 'them'. In my extended family, their presence has become commonplace. Including for me. Since childhood, I often see them, sometimes even interact with them. Until now, sometimes I can still feel their presence and see them. But not like when I was little.

Let me tell you a little of my story. You want to hear?

At that time I was sitting in college semester 3. I chose to live in a rented house with 3 of my other friends. We found a house that when viewed from the outside is quite scary. However, because of the strategic location and the relatively cheap rental price, we finally chose to occupy the house. A little information, it turns out that the house has never been rented out to students studying at the University near the complex. The house has also been empty since 1 year ago. But that did not dampen our intention to keep renting the house.

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Long story short, we've filled the house. There were some things that didn't make sense, but we ignored them. One of the odd occurrences that I feel is that my room is always messy. I brought 3 dolls to the house to sleep with me. And almost every day when I get home from college, my doll is in a different place than the one I kept before. Even though I always lock my room every time I go out. Who entered?

Before long, my friend who also has the ability to see them tells me that there is a little boy who likes me and the doll I brought. This child often plays with my doll. Also because I like children, he feels comfortable with me. Okay. It does not matter. I just nodded in agreement when told. Now I know who often visits my room.

The night after being told what happened by my friend. I felt the wind blow past my face as I fell asleep. I also felt someone playing with my loose hair on the pillow. I still closed my eyes, a little surprised by what had happened. When I wanted to open my eyes, my eyes were heavy. My body also can't be moved like something is holding it from moving. I'm still trying to open my eyes. Suddenly with my eyes still closed, I saw a light with a hand imprinted on my eyelids. 5 little fingers printed clearly there. How small are his hands? I'm still staring at the palm of the hand. Until finally I heard the sound of a small child laughing which made me startle and immediately opened my eyes. When my eyes opened, the wind blew again from the tips of my feet to my face. The hair that the boy had been playing with fell into a mess. And I saw my teddy bear fall to the floor right in front of my eyes with a black shadow disappearing./Reg.

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