How to Make Dalgona Candy, Korean Traditional Candy

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How to Make Dalgona Candy, Korean Traditional Candy
Dalgona Candy/pint

The Netflix series titled Squid Game has recently become a topic of discussion everywhere. Squid Game tells how people with accumulated debt are then given the opportunity to earn money just by completing various games within 6 days.

The game that must be completed by the Squid Game participants is an ancient children's game. One of them that is now popular is Dalgona Candy (Korean Honeycomb Toffe). Dalgona candy itself was popular in Korea in the 1960s to 1970s. But it's back into a conversation and is widely played thanks to the Squid Game series.

Dalgona candy itself is made from melted sugar and then formed into a round with the center given various shapes such as triangles, rounds, squares and so on according to taste.

The game starts when the Dalgona Candy has hardened completely. In the Squid Game series, there are 4 forms of Dalgona Candy patterns, namely circles, triangles, stars and umbrellas. Everyone has to cut the Dalgona Candy according to the pattern obtained. Whoever fails to form the pattern will be eliminated and whoever manages to cut the pattern will qualify for the next round.

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Because the way of making Dalgona Candy is quite simple, many people then try to make and challenge themselves to play like Squid Game players. Here are the ingredients and how to make Dalgona Candy.

Material :

2 tbsp Sugar

Pinch of Baking Soda

How to make :

Melt 2 tablespoons of sugar, then add a little baking soda.

If the melted sugar has slightly expanded, pour the melted sugar on a non-stick mat or it can be lightly spread with vegetable oil.

Press the dalgona dough until it is flat, then give a pattern in the middle of the dalgona using a mold.

Wait until it hardens.

That's the easy way to make Dalgona Candy. Have you ever tried it? Good luck./Reg.

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